Big Agnes Fish Hawk

My Backpacking Gear

This list is a work in progress.  As of now it is just a list with a few links.  More detail will come as time is available.  Here are the big items that seem to be what people talk about and compare.  As is the case with every backpacker, this list is always under revision and within some form of iterative renewal.  I will change this as my gear changes.


REI Globetrotter.

Reasoning: REI for the possible fully refunded return if needed, and big enough to fit a dead Yak.  (My desire for a backpack has since changed, but I still like my pack enough to stay with it for awhile.


Big Agnes Seedhouse 1

Reasoning: I love Big Agnes stuff.  I also got a great discount through a Big Agnes dealer.

link to comparable current version

Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Fish Hawk 30 (down 2011 version)

Reasoning: I love Big Agnes stuff.

link to comparable current version


Big Agnes Rectangular Air Core

Reasoning: Did I mention I love Big Agnes stuff.

link to comparable current version


Pants: Generic convertible to shorts cargo pants

Shirts: Tech or Dri-Fit T-Shirts obtained from most races I do.


Least expensive low-top hiking shoe I can find when I need to buy a new pair.  Most people are really picky about shoe choices, but my only requirement is that they be low-top and somewhat light.