Month: April 2017

My Time Away

So, I heard at one point in time before I started writing a blog that if you make it past your sophomore year of writing a blog, it just might stick, and it might become a habit.  Well, I didn’t.  This post is not my rejuvenation serum, but I do have a few things to say, and chronicling them here seemed like a good idea.

A reason for the hiatus from writing here might be categorized with a short run down of things that have happened since I last wrote.  So here goes the shortened version:

  1. We moved home from Germany
  2. We moved into in-laws house
  3. Wife was diagnosed with 2 different cancers (breast, thyroid)

    A few weeks before the “Cancer News”


  4. I stopped racing
  5. 9 months of surgery, recovery, fear, and long days ensued


    Recovery in full swing!

  6. Wife was given clean bill of health
  7. I started racing again
  8. We bought our own house and moved out of in-laws house

    front of house roy.jpg

    The house where our kids will grow up.

  9. Kids’ lives got busy
  10. Another year flew by
  11. I was asked if I still write a blog
  12. I looked at my blog

And here we are! I know there is a lot to rehash within those bullet points, and I might do that some other time, but I doubt it.  We’ll see.  In all honesty, writing for me creates a placeholder in my life.  I understand why people keep journals.  I am very consistent in many areas of my life.  Just not that one.  I think that is O.K. too.  Pages are turned, new adventures begin.  Life goes in a different direction at times than where we originally intended it to go, and that seems to make it interesting.  One thing is certain; if I do start writing again, I will do so with more posts about my endurance events.  It seems that for my sanity during the past few years, I have at least stayed consistent with those.  So, stay tuned, or maybe don’t…


Our current state of happiness!