My GPS Gear

I currently use two different GPS devices which are both made by Garmin.  These are my first GPS devices as I only recently convinced myself that the money was worth the recording capability.  I am generally a very cheap person when it comes to buying stuff.  I usually purchase the least expensive item as well, and later end up paying for it in longevity or overall quality.  As I get older and our money management gets better, I have trended to buying more expensive items according to quality.  Thus my cycling computer was chosen due to thousands of reviews and a perfect fit in my Form/Fit/Function requirements.

Garmin EDGE 500

This Cycling GPS just works.  I rarely have to think about it, and find it more reliable than the more expensive watch I use.  I have never had it freeze on me.  I find it really intuitive and really good at what it was intended to do.  In the current trend of making everything with a million features while having a touch screen to boot, the simplicity and robustness of the Edge 500 might be why it is still used heavily on the TdF almost 5 years after market release.  Some of the areas where I find it lacking or slightly undesirable are in its course feature, the readability in sunlight, and with data uploading.  Other than that this GPS unit is great.  I am eagerly waiting for Garmin to come out with a new rendition of this computer, but until then, I love this one.

Garmin fenix 2 Multisport Watch

Without really knowing it, I was waiting for a watch to come out with these capabilities for a long time.  Considering that my major hobbies include triathlons, backpacking and fishing, this watch fits my niche almost perfectly.  So far, I really enjoy the capability of this watch, and continually find new ways of tweaking the format to optimize it’s use to my liking.  I am also impressed with the firmware updates correcting the issues I have noticed.  For example, when I first started using the watch for guidance through run or cycling workouts, it would only warn me on pace/HR/speed limits during the first programmed step of the workout.  After that you would have to govern yourself according to the guideline.  Now, however, Garmin has fixed that issue, and the watch will warn you (ie vibrate when limit is triggered) throughout the workout.  One of the areas this watch does not shine is in the display in general.  During sports, data on this watch can sometimes be a pain to read.  There are more issues and benefits with this watch that I could spend a lot of time discussing, but Ray Maker did a sufficient job in his review.  Suffice it to say, I am pleased with this watch, and use it daily.  I intend to use as many features in this watch as possible in the coming years.  

If you have any questions about the operability or functionality of any of my current GPS devices, feel free to ask it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.